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"Enemies" Question - When did Buffy know?

So I was watching BtVS Season 3 Enemies last night and wondering - when exactly did Buffy get clued in to Faith and the Mayor's plan to use the shaman to take away Angel's soul? Maybe people have already solved this one before, but I'd never stopped to think about it till now.

I think I have it figured out. Obviously by the point that the shaman does the convincing "light show", Angel is already in on the plan and knows to act like Angelus. Before this scene in the mansion, Buffy is sitting in the school lounge talking to Willow about seeing Angel with Faith the night before and Willow tells Buffy she needs to go and talk to Angel.

"I give you leave to go."


So I think when Buffy stands up to go, she runs into Giles who's already had a visit from his Shaman friend. She and Giles come up with their plan and Buffy goes to let Angel in on the deal. Which leads to this:



Which leads to this:


Which makes me think of this:
"My prince."


But I digress. Back on-topic I wonder about this significant look from Buffy to Giles later on in the episode (she knows and is giving her brave-little-battle-weary-toaster look) when he warns:
"Be careful."


My theory is that Buffy has no idea about Faith working for the Mayor when she's having her heart-to-heart with Willow in the lounge, but has already learned the truth by the time Faith arrives at Angel's mansion to do the (fake) soul-stealing spell with the shaman.


21:58 Buffy doesn't know.
21:59 Buffy knows.

Final thoughts: What is it about Petrie and writing mindbendy stories? Like how he snuck the Buffy/Faith femslash subtext past Joss. Or the episode As You Were which so many Spike fans have a theory on. Has no one ever asked Petrie about As You Were before?

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