Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Pretty Wallpaper is Pretty

I have the prettiest new Spuffy wallpaper by amyxaphania !  And it has meaning and symmetry and is made of AWESOME.  Okay, I'm a little excited here but it's the first thing I saw when I logged on today, so bear with me... :D

So I had this idea kicking around in my head from noticing some similarities between Buffy and Spike. First, many other Spuffy fans have noticed the two red marks on both their cheeks in School Hard. I've even seen icons to this effect. I also noticed the bigger bloody gashes on Buffy's cheek from Showtime as she's killing the Turokhan and on Spike's cheek in the final scene in the alley in Not Fade Away. And finally, the memorable scene of Spike holding Buffy's hands post-resurrection in Afterlife is mirrored in the scene from Spiral when Spike cuts his hands protecting Buffy from the sword being stabbed through the RV.

The text on the wallpaper is actually from song lyrics that I've been writing, too.

So with all these ideas and no talent to put them together, I dropped a message to amyxaphania and here's what she created:

Clickable Thumbnail

By ducktheduck aka amy aka xaphania

I loves it! I particularly enjoy that she made it in black and white tones while keeping the red. So pretty. See - isn't pretty wallpaper pretty?
Tags: art, spuffy

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