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SlayAlive Q&A with Scott Allie *in-progress*

Some fun new tidbits already revealed like the release date for the MDHP written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Jo Chen that will feature mysterious lovers returning.  Feel free to drop by and join in.

1. Emmie: So the big news in the fandom recently surrounded the Buffy rebooted movie. What was your first reaction to hearing this and any thoughts for how this might change the franchise's landscape for the comics?

Scott Allie: My first reaction was WHY?, and then to call Fox to find out what was going on. But we'll all have to wait and see. I don't want to speculate on something that sounds so dingbat at the moment.

2. Emmie: The MDHP where 'lovers return' written by Joss and illustrated by Chen - when is this scheduled to happen?

Scott Allie: Next month. First Wednesday in July.

3. Jay: Why do some of the old Buffy comics say "Sunnyvale" instead of "Sunnydale"?

Scott Allie: Because the artist was South American and the writer was British, and I was a dunce. One of them did some little bit of research, knew that there was a Sunnyvale in CA, and used that. And I should have caught it, but knew so little about Buffy at the time that I blew it. Sorry ...

4. Paul730: Back when Season Eight was starting, you said not to expect any more Tales books, since those types of stories could be told in S8. What made you decide to go back to this series and can we expect anymore Tales in the future? A Tales of Vengeance series hosted by D'Hoffryn would be brilliant and might satisfy our thirst for Anya. ;)

Scott Allie: I was wrong—turns out there's not as much room as I thought there'd be in Season Eight. I think what I meant at the time was that the original Tales of the V & S books were done apart from the then-current regular Buffy book, because the Tales books were the only real Joss comics; now all Joss comics can just fall under the Season Eight banner. But not only do we not have room to throw interesting departures into the monthly series, I felt with Tales of the Vampires, there was something we needed to see to fully understand Season Eight—what life is like now for vampires not associated with Buffy—and there wasn't even room for that. Hence our first spinoff. Note I said First.

5. Paul 730: Warren appears on the cover to #26. Can we expect him to have a more involved role in "Retreat", or is it just a "Time of Your Life"-style cameo?

Scott Allie: He has a fairly significant role. Pretty significant, as much as the first arc, if not more so.

6. AndrewCrossett: After reading this new ToTV story, I have to wonder... aside from the Slayers and their closest allies, is anyone in the world questioning the "mainstreaming" of vampires? I'm wondering if there's any controversy or dissent at all. Do the Slayers have any friends at all left in the world in positions of influence?

Scott Allie: I'd assume so, but the scary thing is that in general most people are going along with it.

7. AndrewCrossett: In "Time of Your Life" Will connects with Saga Vasuki by having sex with Kennedy, and that only buys her a couple of minutes. But it's clear the two of them have had much more sustained contact (ahem) in the past. On the last page of "Wolves at the Gate" Will seems to be contacting SV with a spell, no sex. Can you clarify what the rules are regarding Willow contacting SV, and why and when the sex is necessary?

Scott Allie: I've written before about what I think of rules when it comes to magic, right? Boring ... Sorry. In occultism, the tenets of magic are often refered to as "mysteries." As it works in fiction, magic is best unexplained. Just was going over this with a writer on another book today. Explaining it takes all the magic out of it.

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