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Who will give Buffy her epiphany?

I recently was introduced to electronicmonk's Savin' Me and What About Now? Spuffy videos after engaging in discussions about Buffy's harsh comment to Willow regarding Cordelia's death in Buffy Season 8 #20 "After Theses Messages...We'll Be Right Back".  I interpreted Buffy's comment as another example of how her heart isn't as open now in Season 8 as it's been in years past.  She only cares about *her* world, her friends and her slayers.  But she wasn't always like this.  In the past, Buffy was the one who took chances on people.  The *real* Buffy in Season 1 would have been sad to learn of Cordy's death, not just toss it away like she could care less.  But Buffy in Season 8 doesn't care about Cordy or that she died tragically, that Cordy had become a heroic person. 

Thinking about who Buffy was in the years past and who she is now, then watching the 'Savin' Me' video made me realize this:

Buffy has always been so incredibly challenged by the morally gray people around her and then consequently open-minded when it came to offering people redemption. Angel, Faith and Spike - she gave them all the chances to prove themselves. With Spike it took him years to finally make Buffy realize he could be saved (I realized this while watching the Savin' Me video). Though it's been an uphill battle at times, her being around people who faltered helped to open her eyes to the complexities of the world. Her having two relationships with vampires led her to view demon kind with new eyes.

Which brings me to her new mindset in Season 8. She's starting to become extremely egocentric when it comes to her "race of slayers" and having to save her "world" (which I view as her Slayer army and the world she created through the spell in Chosen). She's already gone to battle in WatG to save her slayers and her world, she does so again in ToYL against Fray.

It makes me wonder if she'd even give Angel and Spike the time of day if she were to meet them now for the first time. She's all about Slayers coming first, I don't think she'd be open-minded enough to consider that Angel could be a good vampire with a soul or that Spike could be trying to be a better man. It's making me realize *how* important the vampires in Buffy's life are to her. There's that quote again. Those vampires are important because they showed her how to reach out and have faith in others. Maybe that's where Angel and Spike will enter later on. I can actually see how Angel and Spike would fit into Season 8 now. Buffy might need them for a reality check.

I've already entertained the idea that Faith will give Buffy a reality check about needing to save people, not necessarily just defeat the bad guys. Now I'm realizing that the "most important men in [her] life" may also be needed to remind Buffy that we don't live in an absolute world. And we certainly don't live in a world where Slayers come first and they're the *only* champions who can get the job done. Angel and Spike have both saved the world and they're not Slayers. It's not always about slayers and Buffy is forgetting that.

I think it *is* deliberate that Buffy is doing things that we don't like. She's losing the mission - which is saving humanity, saving the people. Now she's becoming obsessed with saving her slayers. Buffy's going down the wrong path. She's the one who needs to be saved now and she needs this epiphany. So who will give it to her? Faith, Angel or Spike?

Right now, I'm leaning towards Spike because I can visualize it easily after watching Spike going to Buffy to "save him" in electronicmonk's video. He was *there* for the Chosen spell and he'd immediately notice and understand the differences in Buffy over the years and how she is now. He's been with her more than Angel or Faith and witnessed her journey. I think he'd understand this more readily because he knows with "perfect clarity" what she is.
  Maybe it won't just be Spike, but I can now see how he could play a part in Season 8.
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