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The Global "Thought You Should Know" Project

Shooting up a flare to grab the attention of:

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This is an addendum to my earlier post "Non-English Speaking Flisters!  Wanna do me a solid?"  and thank you to everyone who's offered their translating skills.  Would you be willing to give a little more involved help?

The concept is going to be a Slayer PR video that's released in response to the world now accepting vampires, but more importantly viewing Slayers as dangerous, even criminal elements in society.  So within the story, Buffy and Co. create a video introducing the Slayers to the world.  Slayers from all over the world, speaking about their experiences in their native languages.  It's the Slayers' global coming out.  Loud and proud.

"My name is Satsu and I'm a Slayer."  (in Japanese) 

Cut to:

"My name is Elena and I'm a Slayer."  (in Russian)

And would continue with these intros until finally reaching Buffy, who goes on to explain the Slayer situation and the truth about vampires.  Buffy thought the world should know. 

My plan is to have each Slayer linked up with your own country of origin.  So for enisy , obviously the Slayer is Greek.  For the several Spanish speaking contributors, this would depend on where you're from.  larabeckinsale  is from South America (country to be determined because I've fallen behind on stalking her thoroughly).  beer_good_foamy  would have a Swedish Slayer.  ruuger , a Finnish Slayer and so on. 

So if you're interesting in helping out a bit more, here's what I was hoping for:

1.  Name your Slayer.  (I toyed with the idea of naming the Slayers after everyone who helped me translate, but then thought it would be better to hand that idea over to you guys.  This then spiraled into thoughts of having even more direct contributions from those in the native know-how.)

2.  Come up with a physical design for your Slayer.  (A picture would be great too as I’m thinking about having just a prose version but also images linked.  I’m playing with the idea of writing this in a mixture of pseudo-script format with pictures of the Slayers.  In a similar spirit to this mixture of story and images , but in a more serious vein.)

3.  Pick an iconic locale commonly associated with your language (e.g. French – Eiffel Tower, l’Arc de Triomphe;  Greek – the Parthenon, Acropolis, etc.), something that inspires a sense of national pride.  (A picture of this would also be appreciated.)

4.  More in-depth character creation.  If you have any further ideas (age, personality, quirks, etc.) to help fully form the character, please share them.


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