Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Vote for SlayAlive Scribes

The first challenge I'm running for SlayAlive Scribes has reached the voting stage.  There are 8 entries to choose from, a wonderful mixture of prose and poetry, all embodying this prompt:

Using your favorite Whedonverse character or relationship, show us what makes them beautiful to you. Show us why you love them.

So feel free to head over and vote vote vote!  You do have to register, but it's easy and there's no strings attached - no one will try to sell you a year's supply of turtle wax, I promise!  I have faith in my flist's eminently refined good taste (And heh just to clarify, I don't necessarily mean to encourage voting for the one Spuffy entry, though clearly love of Spuffy is something most of us share). :D
Tags: slayalive, writing

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