Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Non-English Speaking Flisters! Wanna do me a solid?

So I've been plotting away at the ending to "Thought You Should Know" and I had an idea that outreaches my natural ability (I'm okay at French, somewhat okay at Spanish, and can say a few lines in Russian off the top of my head = not good enough for this project).  The final chapter is going to include a lot of dialogue from Slayers around the world and I want it to be in many different languages and as authentic as possible.

Anyone on my flist willing to translate these parts (it would be a paragraph at most)?  If yes, would you comment below and let me know what language you're fluent in.  :)

I'm hoping to have some help from anyone who's fluent in one of the following:  Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, but really anything would be amazing.  Thank you in advance!
Tags: global tysk project, thought you should know, writing
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