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AwesomeCon, here I go again

Hi friends!  I'm so overdue for a life update here on LJ, but suffice it to say I've been very busy with work.  Good news?  I got a promotion and a raise after my annual review.  I'm also successfully working towards a professional certification that will help me further along in my career.  These are all good things that make me feel like an adult who is sort of okay at adulting.


I'm really here to tell you that I'm once again attending AwesomeCon, only this year guess what? I'M CO-HOSTING A PANEL.

That's right, this year I'll be cohosting the "Strong Female Character Revisited" panel this Sunday, June 5 at 11:00am, where we'll be discussing the limitations of the trope and how what we're really looking for is strong storytelling for women from writing to cinematography to comic book art.

I'm beyond nervous and thrilled and I hope that some of you locals will think about dropping by and making the discussion even better with your brilliance!

And on that note, hello all, please tell me all the things!  I HAVE MISSED YOU SO. <3
Tags: awesomecon, excited, feminism, storytelling, writing

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