Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Buffy fans: A call to action!

Hi guys! So I have a ~friend who's watching Buffy for the first time and she's watching S3 as we speak and got thrown for a loop by Faith sexually assaulting Xander. Yeah, a trigger warning would've been much appreciated for that, right. I think she's obviously okay with violence, but warnings for sexual assault would be beneficial.

So I wanted to call on your expertise to make sure I can properly warn her for upcoming events. Because sadly I watched this for the first time in my teenage years so I don't always immediately call it like it is because of bullshit culture I've unconsciously absorbed.

To start off this list:

Spike attempts to rape Buffy in 'Seeing Red'
Faith sleeping with Riley while in Buffy's body
Tags: buffy, sexual consent, trigger warnings
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