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beware of dragons

ever_neutral's tagged me to do this meme and when you're it, you're it (am I supposed to tag more people and ask them questions?  that sounds like an effort, must ponder later).  Anyways here we go :D

  • How do you feel about velociraptors?

  • Marriage material. Legit, recently I've been reading fantasy novels with dragons and I just REALLY love dragons.  And velociraptors are close enough.  I believe in velociraptor redemption.  They're more than just violent killing machines.  So misunderstood.  /snorfle So, I guess I feel positively about velociraptors, to answer your question.

  • Favourite type of cheese.

  • Cheddar and Brie (lol why caps?  It's like they're a wacky buddy cop movie set to entertain my palate, mmm).  Brie with water crackers and maybe some smoked salmon.  Cheddar on pasta, burgers, sandwiches, grilled cheese, what-have-you.  And White Vermont Cheddar on stonewheat crackers, yummm.  I also love herb cheese spreads.

  • Five dudes/ladies you would bang (if you're into that).

  • Timothy Olyphant, Nikolaj-Coster Waldau, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling  (as for five ladies, it's less of a bang situation, more a worship-at-the-altar deal)

  • N*Sync or Backstreet Boys?

  • I was into them both way back when, though in retrospect I dig N*Sync's wacky vibe more.

  • If you got turned into a vampire, who would you eat first?

  • My roommates probably.  Then I'd blast some music and dance around my apartment naked with no shame till I collapsed in a sweaty mess, then I'd pat myself on the back for a good workout.  Which is what I'd do right now if I didn't have roommates, vampire or not.  (I went through a wholesome 80s phase a few weeks ago and danced around to lots of Bruce Springsteen.)

  • What TV Trope describes you best?

  • Alex, why would throw this soulsucking vortex at me?  You troll.  But also:  suffering from Third Act Stupidity at the beginning of the Second Act, wishing I was a Dragon Lady, instead still stuck in A Chat With Satan (aka ALEX).

  • What is the square root of Pi? (NO GOOGLING.)

  • 1.blahblahblahiforgotmathyearsagoisweariusedtobegoodatmathandmaybemyneverbornchildrenwillbemathemathicallyinclined

  • TV character you'd most like to recast WITH YOURSELF.

  • Angel; he'd still be depressed and guilt-ridden, but he'd cause way less damage to the world, tbh, and be far more comfortable telling the PTB to fuck off.  Also, I just don't have time to be concocting plans to take down my archnemeses in a fit of hypocritical self-righteousness... yet.

  • Russell Crowe's singing: yay or nay.

  • Things I would enjoy from Mr. Crowe: less singing, more tweeting about his map fascination.

  • How many personality disorders do you have according to this website?

  What do you call the one where you can't do "on a scale of 1 to 5" tests?
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