Emmie (angearia) wrote,

fic: angel face

[title] Angel Face
[fandom] Supernatural
[character] Anna Milton (and Dean Winchester)
[word count] 100
[a/n] Inspired by this beautiful gifset.  Her face is too beautiful.  Avert your eyes, mortals.

She had the face of an angel.   That should’ve tipped him off.

The slope of her brow curved down to her cheeks, bones bowing eternal pride and glory into a guise of mortal humility.

(Her human form remembered when she could not.)

The aquiline edge of her nose was sharper than the knife in his boot.  And her eyes, hidden beneath the meek veil of her brow, were full of pity and sorrow and resolve.

She was steel and mourning, flame and porcelain and merciless burning judgment

She would regret hurting him.  She would weep

But she would never stop.

Tags: anna milton, fic, spn, supernatural

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