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small volcanoes I could climb with a few slithery strides

  • Thanksgiving break was amazing and I love my family and miss them and oooh I miss the puppies so much please come back to meeeeee.  Only problem is that I'm back at school and I want to do nothing during the busiest time of the semester.  I'm so ready for finals to be over, this last week of classes is going by so slowly, and yet I'm still procrastinating.  /o\  
  • My studying endurance has been reduced to reading poetry where my staring and fixating on lines is rewarded, whereas novels et al are just too intimidating for me to finish.  Note to self: wake up your brain.
  • I got a new computer this week. My old laptop screen was whiting out and I'd resorted to plugging it into my TV so that I could actually do my schoolwork.  So yay new laptop yaaaaaaaay \o/
  • My seasonal_spuffy day is tomorrow, but I doubt I'll be posting.  Woe. At least I'm consistent in my fail. I AM SORRY, Y'ALL.  I even have a great idea for a story, one that got my imagination going and gave me feels (aka INSPIRED), but I'm just not feeling the fuel to write it out.  Again, woe, woe, I say.  (Ignore my melodramatic pity party, save yourselves!)
  • LOL this post is so melancholy.  No wonder I've been rewatching Go On.  Speaking of, everyone should watch Go On. Seriously, favorite new sitcom.  It's official.  Matthew Perry finally got a good one.  
  • In more productive news, I've finally started updating my icons after a year of certain unwanteds collecting dust,deleting ones I feel meh about (lol Downton Abbey, I need these naught), and making way for the new.  Mostly I've add TVD ones (see my beautiful new Elena icon?).  Question: any favorite icon makers?  Who's your go-to icon artist?
  • What even is this?

The Borgias and Game of Thrones has ruined me because I cannot look at this cap of Elena restraining Jeremy and not think inappropriate thoughts. Please tell me I'm not the only one.  (Also: has Steven McQueen been doing the Captain America workout?  Dear Lord, those arms.  Excuse me, I need to go look up how old this kid is on IMDB.  Okay, phew.  He's 24.)

Tags: personal, random stuff about me, the vampire diaries

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