Emmie (angearia) wrote,

spike & buffy: fire escape

So Anne (nvrbnkisst) once again picked the perfect song for these fools.

I'm on a fire escape
where you said you'd wait
but I did but I did
and the cold winds say
you're a fool to stay
but I did but I did

And I weep because Buffy's gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back and Spike's a moth to the flame until he becomes the flame. 

buffy_40_fire escape 2buffy_40_fire escape 1

After staring at so many gorgeous picspams by crackers4jenn and reading comments about how a screencap can't capture the wonderful expressions that flow across JM's face in Afterlife when he first sees Buffy on the stairs -- well, these Season 8 panels by Jeanty are especially sad. I was tempted to size them down so that it'd be less noticeable how he didn't even bother to give them FACES let alone EXPRESSIVE FACES. There's more detailing and attention to the shading on the wall behind them, criminy.

BUT I swear I didn't post these panels to bitch about the lackluster art. Fire escape as the new back porch, yes yes.  Also, Buffy's "Did you come here for a reason?" is her so trying to provoke him into declaring feelings.
Tags: buffy season 8, nvrbnkisst punched me in the heart again, spuffy

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