Emmie (angearia) wrote,

TVD 4.06

Can we talk about this motherfucking bridge tho and its liminal space as the door between life and death.

How Elena drowns in it to die, while human, how she drowns in it to live, while vampire.

How Damon finally saves her in the moment she needs saving, rather than arriving after the fact to pick up the pieces.  

How Damon saving her when she's a vampire will forever be him arriving after the fact to pick up the pieces.

(Okay, now I'm imagining Damon picking up broken shards and cleaning the kitchen.  Dude must recycle because he can't see the point in being wasteful.  Just put it back together, you guys.  THIS HAS TEN MORE YEARS OF GOOD USE IN IT, he says as he's rewiring an old lamp.  And then he returns to his crafts table and starts gluing a broken vase back together.

Domestic Damon strikes again.  He tossed her into the river because she needed a bath.  That's why.)  

Tags: damon salvatore, elena gilbert, meta, the vampire diaries
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