Emmie (angearia) wrote,

fic: blood gone cold

Blood Gone Cold.  
Elena POV.  The Vampire Diaries 3.05 "The Killer"

The blood tastes different now.

She’s different now.

The frat boy was a thrill, a perverse dive into hedonism with a dash of righteousness. He deserved it.

And Connor deserves it, too. For Jeremy.

So she drinks to make him weak, warning him off, establishing the pecking order.

She’s in charge now.  Strong and dangerous. A monster.

But he doesn’t back down at the sight of his blood flowing down her chin.

He goes straight for her heart.

But he’s weak. Weak the way she once was weak.

“You missed,” she snarls, and she snaps his neck and it’s glorious.

And it’s that glorious feeling that sends her weeping to dig his grave.

She loved killing him. His blood tasted like victory.

And now his blood's gone cold.


Tags: elena gilbert, fic, the vampire diaries

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