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So I've spent a large chunk of my evening watching Jane By Design on Netflix.  Gah, when does a person get too old for these sappy shows?  I don't know.  I was probably too old back when I was in high school, that's how sappy it is. 

BUT I LOVE IT.  I find myself loving everyone so much.  Even when they're ridiculous, I just want to hug them for being so ridiculous.  It's like there's magic, some bizarre form of happy magic that's been sprinkled all over the characters.  It's sappy and trite and cliche, but also there's this charming human element to it all.

Basically, this show is like Devil Wears Prada meets Working Girl -- if said working girl were still in high school and through a case of mistaken identity, her interview for an internship at a fashion designer label turned into an executive assistant position to one of the higher ups.  And Jane immediately has a delicious rival, India, who has been described by the "annoyingly charming" British designer thus: "your closed-off mean girl act is super hot" and then they have sex on one of the designer's tables.  I dunno!

Anyways, the fiercest of the fierce India stalks around the office, striking poses as effortlessly as breathing, and striking terror into the underlings, and sending GLARES OF DEATH at poor little high school Jane.  India is too fabulous for words.  And somehow she's always wearing black leather with amazing shoes.  She might be my favorite.  She's so wonderful.

Every episode basically revolves around Jane trying to hack it as an executive assistant (LOL!) without revealing she's a high school student while India plots her demise (GET IT GURL), but somehow it's not so much cutthroat as delightfully zany and heartwarming at the same time.  

Then there's Jane's best friend, Billy, but their bond is adorable and I keep expecting them to realize they're in love with each other.  It's like a more innocent version of Cesare/Lucrezia from The Borgias in how he'd do anything for her (probably not murder tho), so he runs around the city helping her keep her cover.  Only it's played off like they're romantically into other people, Billy is dating someone and Jane is crushing on someone else, and they don't really seem like they're into each other except they're always standing too close to each other, all up in each other's spaces and they look at each other like this:



AND ALSO LOOK AT THIS (sorry if anyone was planning on watching and doesn't want to be spoiled but whatever ADORABLENESS):

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
It's mostly just my watching them and realizing they love each other SO MUCH and so whenever they're in a scene together and they're hugging or being adorable, I end up whispering to the TV, "now kiss!"  And I'm not even sure how one whispers to the TV with an exclamation point up in there but that's what's happening.

One of the things I love most about this show is that the women are the BOSSES.  Even Jane is the boss in her own inexperienced, naive sort of way.  She totally shuts down "annoyingly charming" British guy and holds her own.  Basically, women rule.  And by women, I mean India.  (I really need to find a gif of India being amazing.  C'mon, Tumblr, help a girl out.)

...this has been a post.
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