Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Why I love my Buffalo (reason #3454350-A1-GX)

"Oh yes, he's a doctor as well as a minister. He's like, half-minister, half-doctor. A mini-tor. Not, of course, to be confused with a minotaur! Because he's all man, this minister-doctorman, no bull parts, whatsoever."
- Buffy, Hell's Bells


It's such a little moment, but so infinitely delightful to me.  She's making a ridiculous excuse to stall for time in order to keep Anya from discovering Xander's missing at their wedding, so she does her usual Buffy thing of blurting out silliness because, let's face it, she sucks at undercover.  Her stream-of-consciousness fumbling is so perfect and then later when she's entertaining the crowd with her many, many skills, she's still got bull on the brain.  And once again, it inspires her.  Oh, Buffalo ♥
Tags: my love is for buffy always and forever
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