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say "no" to demonizing sex organs, 'kay?

From the show that brought you the penis monster in “Doublemeat Palace” and the Flying Vulva Demon in “Last Gleaming”, this season Buffy the Vampire Slayer presents our beloved heroine losing control of her own body in a way never before explored in fiction except in "Helpless", "Who Are You", the entire series, etc.

No longer burdened with the duty of saving the world, Buffy finds herself losing control of her body and last time she checked, said body was pregnant like whoa.  Her body missing, Buffy finds herself stuck between a mechanical framework and a game of identity keep-away.  Every which way she turns, the questions only to lead more questions.  Who's the father?  Who stole her body?  Who forced her consciousness into a robot?   Who's still able to take this seriously?

The stakes have never been higher, but Buffy's a pro at dealing with stakes -- so long as she can remember how to find the pointy end.  Have no fear.  Or actually, have fear because the adventure's just unfolding.  

How will Buffy battle this hysteria?  And where's an Ancient Greek to put the little lady's womb back where it belongs?

Buy Buffy the Wandering Womb: Uterus in Freefall for only $2.99!

Tags: buffy season 9, comics, crack, meta, reaction, spoilers, wtf

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