Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Writers! Circle the wagons! ;)

Hello all you amazingly talented writers on my flist! 

I have a request and am looking for some advice.  I'm going to be starting a small writing challenge on the fan forum I moderate, SlayAlive.  So this SlayAlive Scribes Challenge is going to be my new baby as I encourage other writers to join in (some who've never written before) and I was hoping that the veteran writers here would have some suggestions as to online resources I can use to help these budding writers out (myself included).  A lot of the members at this fansite are very young, some in high school even, so I'm hoping to help guide and encourage them.

Basically, I'm looking to set up a Writing Resource Library of links that include some great guidelines and tutorials to cover the basics on writing in general and writing fanfiction specifically. 

Any suggestions out there?  Are there any sites that you like to keep handy when the muse has gripped you or that you've read in the past and found to be great advice?
Tags: writing

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