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+ i'm so sick of my journal's style.  the black is gross to me now, just smothering.  this must be rectified, but where to even begin?  the black has to get gone.  no more.  and if that's gone, then i'll need a new header.  but of what?  it's always always been spuffy.  but i'm thinking about maybe branching out? 

+  have i told y'all how my favorite class is russian lit?  gogol's "dead souls" ate up my brain.  and i'm going to read "crime and punishment" over the break.  FOR FUN.  

+ driving & music cause the most imaginative extravaganzas of storyboarding for me.  seriously.  yet ~another idea for a novel series. 5 hours in the car and was i bored?  nope.  (i probably should've payed more attention to driving, but actually it was fine okay shushhhh.)

+  i'm now watching Season 6 of SPN and i don't really have cohesive thoughts on character arcs, mostly just feels (dominated by missing my favorite lady duo).  and i have this weird complaint about the evolving aesthetic of the show.  i feel like SPN hit its sweet spot around season 3 and 5 in terms of the mixture of drama/angst and humor/crack.  and now it feels like it's taking itself too seriously?  so, yeah.  i will go on, i will.  i'm loving crowley.

+  i seem incapable of writing large chunks of text.  i get to around the 300-500 word point and i cycle back to edit and re-edit.  consequently i'm really happy with the results, but moar please?  

+  i went back to read some of my older fic and cringed.  for a split-second, i considered editing it, but no, just no.  bygones, be gone, bygones.

+ in other news, living life as a poor college student beats living life as a poor young adult.  but still, meh.  whenever i do lift my head from my books, it's a bit depressing.  solution: never lift my head from books?  OH WAIT.

+ i miss talking with y'all!  tell me things!  link me to posts, please.  i feel like i've missed so much because of my midterms myopia.

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