Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Drabble: Prophetic Wagers

This drabble is for beer_good_foamy who wanted "Sahjahn. Anything with Sahjahn." I'll admit I was stumped and had to go back and rewatch some of AtS Season 3 to get a feel for his character.  Sorry for the delay but here it is.  Hope you like it!

For a demon with the power to dance through dimensions and bend time to his will, Sahjahn preferred simple pleasures.  Like sports.  More specifically, betting on sports.  Nothing gets the (what passes for) blood pumping like a friendly wager.   

He keeps record of all his bets from the first Greek Olympics to the modern American escapades.  Less violent than the Old World’s games, but still just as lively.  And if he happens to tinker with his talents to push a ball here or change the trajectory of the wind by sending it to a hell dimension there – well, all’s fair.   

Tags: angel, drabble, fic, sahjahn
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