Emmie (angearia) wrote,

coffin, coffin, who's in the coffin...?

My money's on the witch.  (waits for Buffy fans to get it...)  Or, well, actually I've got this inkling that it might be the original doppelganger.  IDK.  I've just been rewatching Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries and pondering how it leads into Season 3.  

A few things:

+  We never got to actually see Klaus' other siblings in "Ordinary People," and there's a mysterious person who's been locked up super tight in that coffin.  Hmm... *taps chin*

+ When Katherine talks about the curse, she says how it was bound in Petrova blood, meaning that there was a Petrova there at the very beginning.  But who?  And if it takes a doppelganger to break the spell, might the doppelganger be modeled after the Original Petrova?

+  How frickin' BADASS would it be for Nina Dobrev to play an Original?  What, three roles is too many?  I SAY THEE NAY.  I just watched "Katerina" and girl was already playing three roles in that episode alone.  Elena, Katherine, and Katerina.  She's got this.  

+  Three Nina Dobrevs in the same scene is too cracktastic to even contemplate?  NOPE.  It's AWESOME and YOU KNOW IT.  

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?
Tags: the vampire diaries
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