Emmie (angearia) wrote,

fic: blood never shows on black

summary: the queen summoned a huntsman
fandom: snow white fairytale // once upon a time (but, eh, not really)
warning: blood // gore // animal death
word: ~300
a/n: tumblr talk about this show/ship incepted the following.  ta to ever_neutral and ladyofthelog.


...arrow flies from bow, aim sharper than arrowhead's edge, slicing into the doe's flank. Below the shoulder, not quite piercing the heart.

He never pierces the heart, but leaves it whole for the taking.

(Bring it to me.)

He rushes across fallen branches and tender brush to kneel by her side. Knife unsheathed, he hauls up her head by the scruff of the neck, severing her throat in one clean cut. The blood sprays, adorning his face, dripping from his cheeks, a shower of blood seeping into the black leather of his raiment.

Blood never shows on black, molding to the weathered hide without strain. To the naked eye, all evidence of his kills are naught, but his leathers always reek of blood.

(Leave it. Soap would only ruin your finish.)

With sure hands, he twists and yanks the arrow free, checking the tip to find it whole and deadly keen. He licks his lips, the still-warm blood a salty tang on his tongue. The taste is just right. She was a prime piece of flesh, a most worthy prey.

For his good kill, he gave her good death.

(Is that what you tell yourself? That she wanted it?)

The pool of blood begins to cool beneath the doe's open throat. And so, he strips away the hide, ripping pelt from muscle and rib. He slips his hand inside the ribcage, flush with blood and cooling organs, sliding his fingers between the fanning tines of her chest, lifting up and up 'til the sternum cracks.

And there, open to wind and sun, lies the heart.

(Yes. Oh, yes.)

Cradling the heart in his palm, he wrests it free from artery and vein, wrapping it in a silken pouch. The silk is rusty crimson, once pearly white, the embroidered seal of her majesty shining through in golden thread.


Tags: fairytales, fic, snow white

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