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Dear Yuletide Author

First, let me say thank you so much for writing me a story! I hope you enjoy writing it and please know that I'll be absolutely thrilled to read it come the day.

When it comes to fanfiction, I love pieces that stay as true to canon as possible: characterizations that ring true, in-character voices (I lovelovelove dialogue), organic portrayals of relationship dynamics, and recreating the general tone of the 'verse (i.e. does it feel like the show/book?). Though, this isn't meant to discourage you if you're inspired to write an AU that somehow stays true to the spirit of canon while getting creative with the ~trappings~, so to speak. Twisting canon to suit the story is also a love of mine, so have at! I'm also open to crossovers if there's a character you're inspired to bring into the story. Being bold conceptually is always a winner for me and if you pull it off while staying true to the heart of the 'verse (which for me, is the characters), then you'll own me.

I love stories that make me laugh, I love stories that make me cry, I worship stories that can make me laugh and cry.  For me, the key is always found in how strongly I'm connecting to the characters.  And if you'd like to hear more about my narrative kinks, have at!

The below details are just to give you a better sense for what I dig about these fandoms, and if they help inspire you to write, yay! But please don't feel like you have to keep ~true~ to my every desire. Maybe my ramblings will help the plot bunnies get to hoppin', and if so that's aces, but truly this letter is mostly my sharing why I love what I love.

+ Pan Am

I love this silly, surprising show. For me, it's all about the ladies. ALL THE LADIES (and Dean can fly their party plane). The scene of the core four drinking and playing truth or dare in the empty plane was pretty much heaven for me. Maggie with her fierce opportunism and performative brittle charm; Kate with her desperate need for life to be mean more, always more, both “a naïve girl and a master liar;” Laura with her stunning capacity to follow her heart and embrace her sexuality – after a life living by the rules, she's diving into the deep end head first; and finally, Colette. COLETTE. I cannot express how much I love Colette. I'm one of those fans, yep. I love her face, her smile, her joie de vivre, her easy forgiveness for all the little things that don't matter and her refusal to forgive the things that she cannot let stand. She picks her battles, she breathes charm, she lives her life always open to new experiences (I'm flying). She's utterly joyful and she's forever dropping emotional bombs that wreck my heart. I love her and Dean, too. I flail at their every interaction, so more of that please, if you're willing. Any story where Colette is the star, basically. I ship Colette/screentime and Colette/Dean in equally fervent measure.

And hey, if you write Sanjeep and actually develop his character with nuance and depth, I'll give you a standing ovation. And if you found a way to bring back Joe, I'd ADORE you (his smile, his smile, SMASH /fnl, his smile, I die). One final character note: Ted Vanderway. Hate him. Some people love him? I HATE HIM. He's one of those characters where I'd take visceral glee in his fictional downfall, disappearance, and death. All three? Why not!

Speaking of crossovers, ever since seeing this video, I've been craving a “James Bond as Colette's ex” fic in a story somehow connected to Kate's spy shenanigans. And maybe Ted gets kidnapped by the KGB and Kate's handlers ~kanyeshrug~ it off. I dunno. These are thoughts I have. This is my id!fic, it's what I've been truly craving.

Sorry this is so flaily and incoherent and long, I just love these characters A LOT (except for the one) and this show is my favorite right now. If you choose any aspect of this to write, I promise to be utterly delighted. I'm so easy to please with this fandom. I love my lady show with its canon het ships and its hinting at femslash (which you're welcome to develop if you wish! Though if it's Colette, can Dean come along?) and its beautiful friendships. 

+ Parks and Recreation

Fav characters = Fav ships. April/Andy and Ron/Leslie. Wait, I don't ship Ben/Leslie? Yeah, I'm over that. In fact, I'm still getting way too much of it in canon. So let's toss canon away in this instance because I believe fic can do better when it comes to Leslie's love life. Ron and Leslie are this fanon couple that I can totally get behind because it would begin in friendship. I think it could work, if Ron dealt with his aversion to blond women (and I'll wank that he's so strict in not repeating his mistakes not only because of his past Tammys but because that would mean Leslie was no longer off-limits), and Leslie would just wake up one day and realize she and Ron could be more. Who knows? But hey, if this isn't your thing, feel free to keep it platonic and just give me lots of Ron supporting Leslie and being kind to her despite himself (in his special “I'm Ron 'Fucking' Swanson” way) and have Leslie be ambitious and selfless until her selflessness leads to petty outbursts. And April/Andy are, in fact, perfect, so just keep going with what you got here and I'll adore it all. Bring in as many other characters as you'd like. And if you incorporate Leslie's feminism and political geekery, all the applause.

+ Mulan

My love for this movie is all about Mulan and her search for her identity and her place in society as she struggles with the strict gender roles of her culture. I adore her ingenuity and her bravery (she gets the arrow! She stops the army! She saves China!), and how after a lifetime of fearing she would only shame her family's honor, she wins the respect of her nation. I... might be tearing up just thinking about it. That moment when the Emperor bows and the crowd falls in a rolling wave of the deepest respect and gratitude – it's one of the most beautiful moments in a film for me. Any story where Mulan is the hero and continues to challenge gender roles will be amazing.

And that's all, dear Yuletide author! I hope my ramblings help inspire you to write and that you enjoy Yuletide as much as I hope to! 
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