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adventure calls: a pan am links round-up

~my love for this show, y'all, let me show you it~





history of nisei stewardesses // a pan am raceswapped dreamcast 


je suis le soleil des tropiques // by marketchippie // dean/colette

mending // by ravenhaired // kate/colette

embrasse-moi // by ravenhaired // kate/colette

does that make me crazy? // by dominant_spoon // kate/bridget

just when you think you've caught her // by dominant_spoon // kate; kate/maggie; kate/colette

my girlfriend who lives in canada - avenue q cast recording // by verbosemofo // maggie/laura

kiss - prince // by verbosemofo // maggie/kate

a diplomat, a pilot, and a flight attendant walk into a bar // by havocthecat // stargate atlantis crossover featuring kate

captain handsome // by samueljames // ted/dean


absolutelybatty // azuremonkey // brandnew-soul // capelle // cifan70 // dia89 // doelike // enemeriad // galacticmoxy // i-viola // imamonster // kasiopeia // llean // manderlyicons // mosaically // petitesboites // quadrupled // sedgwicked // sietepecados // thilia

::photo galleries::

black-celebration // rawr_caps // homeofthenutty


 bicurious // c-valois // deanandcolette // fuckyeahkarinevanasse // fuckyeahpanamabc // hotelsongs // iheartpanam // karinevanasse // (and so many more if you'll brave the tumblr pan am tag)

~free free to share recs or link your own work in comments~
(this list is by no means comprehensive; also: my karine bias is showing ;))
Tags: fandom, links, pan am, recs, resources

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