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TVD 3.05 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ~a capslock reaction post~

Okay, so my formatting is SCREWED and I can't manage line breaks, so this is a WALL OF TEXT.  /fail

Awww Alaric is training Elena and telling her she's the strongest person he's ever known.  This... is not helping me not ship it.  Who cares that he dated Jenna and that's gross?  This entire show is a incest playground.  The moral verklempt is not welcome, yo.

It's DEJA VU time!  Check out how the Stefan/Elena relationship gets replayed a year later.  They bump into each other outside the boys room (where Caroline is taking Tyler to task for being careless with his ~blood vs. Elena with Jeremy).  


And how great is Damon calling Katherine then calling Elena?  Does it get confuuuuuusing Damon?  Has no one considered a Katherine/Damon/Elena Ot3?  Because while it's fucked up, it just might be the most functional relationship possible at the moment.

Am I the only one becoming fond of the ghosts storyline?  Maybe it's just 'cause I finished rewatching Season 1 a few days ago, but my love for Vicki and Anna has been rekindled and I'm loving how they're back.  By the way, I'm getting the feeling this season is ALL ABOUT SEASON 1.  It's like they flipped everything inside out.  

Ooooh Rebecca's all up in yo shit, Caroline.  I feel like there's enough positive female friendship in this show that I can enjoy the catty competitiveness here.  BRING. IT.

You know, Klaus must be REALLY heartbroken over Stefan.  Or he's doing something plotty (*yawns*).  But considering how his mission in life was to make more hybrids so he wouldn't be alone, you'd think he'd want to stay close to Elena, the key to making more, and to Tyler his very first hybrid.  I mean, shouldn't Klaus be trying to take Tyler out for a sodapop?  Or is Klaus just ~biding his time until he swoops in and woos his new luvah hybrid?

God, it cannot be said enough, but NINA DOBREV IS FLAWLESS.  SO'S HER HAIR.  BUT MOSTLY I MEAN HER ACTING.  The way the scenes change from Elena to Katherine -- just boom, awesome.  Obviously, Elena's taken on a somewhat new flavor to her character this season, yet she's still Elena.  LOVE.

Elena's going all ~Rocky in her workout mission.  Get it, girl.  I'm liking this fight-for-your-life transition.  Poor "human blood bag." *pets*

"What are you gonna do?  Benchpress a vampire?"  TROLOL... OH. DAMON TOTALLY WATCHES BUFFY.  I'm thinking with the Anne Rice shoutouts, the fact that he read Twilight in disgust, that he referenced Buffy -- he's totally into vampire movies, too, isn't he?  OMG CAN'T YOU JUST SEE HIM IN A FILM FROM THE 30'S/40'S?  OR NO: SILENT FILMS.  THAT'S WHERE HE UTILIZED HIS ~EYES~ TO THEIR FULLEST POTENTIAL.  BAM.  CANON.  YOU'RE WELCOME.

By the by, I forgot to note earlier that we've got another mark in the 'Damon keeps a clean house' fanon: THE PERSIAN RUG.  HOW ~DARE~ YOU, STEFAN?

Okay, I'm feeling ~breathless~ from Damon showing Elena how to kill a vampire.  DAAAAAAAAAAAMN.  (But Damon, you don't actually want her to kill your luvah brother!)

Damon:  She's an original.  Last time I checked, we're all out of daggers.
Elena:  So then, preoccupy her with your ~charm~.
Alaric:  You might have better luck finding the dagger.
Damon:  Are you ever not gonna be mad at me, Ric?
Alaric:  Doubtful.

So, Elena chugs down a beer and...
Stefan:  All right, take it easy, we know you're a lightweight.
Ummmm, that sounded way too normal.  Is there gonna be a twist about the ~switch?  (I HOPE.)  But WOO for Elena's diss.  Once again, shades of Katherine in her IDGAF and I DO WHAT I WANT attitude, but it's still different.  

Oh damn, Vicki's about to possess Matt, isn't she?  That's FUCKED UP.  Or maybe not.  Awww.  Vicki&Mattie hugs.  Oooh what a twist.  A witch from beyond trying to maintain the balance  (Emily?  Or the witch killed in Chicago?).  And Vicki's off to kill Elena.   

Okay, Damon, your ~charms~ are clearly too potent for this bonfire.  LICKING GOOEY FINGERS?  And is that a JEALOUS ELENA I SPY?  LOL Damon's charms are NOT subtle.  

DRUNK!ELENA IS MY FAVORITE.  IT'S BEEN TOOOO LOOONG.  "Look Stefan, no hands!" // "You're hilarious!" // "I knew you'd catch me."  Yaaaargh, there's something off about this switch and Ripper!Stefan.  WHAT IS GOING ON?  I kinda like them more now as a 'ship.  IDEK IGNORE ME.  It's just that when so much of one's humanity has been stripped away (in vampires in general), that last remaining sliver of love and affection kills me.  We saw it with Damon in Season 1 with his attachment to Stefan and his growing attachment to Elena.  And it gets me EVERY TIME.  That's a bulletproof kink of mine.  Ngl.

"You look... not sober."  TROLOL RIC WHY SO FABULOUS?  He's the best straight man ever for this vampire crew.
Awww, Mattie finally got closure.  That's good.  Poor Vicki, though.  Why's she alone on the other side?  Is it because she was a vampire when she died?  Sadface.

Damon/Elena licking each other's wounds, mmhmm.  "I was faking most of it." // "So was I."  YOU TWO
"Good work tonight, Ric.  Sorry about the car, man.  Bummer."  That's like the Damon equivalent of standing outside Ric's bedroom window with a boombox lifted over his head.  HE MISSES HIS ROGUE DEMONHUNTER.  FOREVER ALONE.

Michael: "I don't feed on living things."
But also whoa, cool twist with Michael killing vampires by feeding from them.  I've seen this before in supernatural stories, still I like.

Elena:  "Because I still have hope."
Stefan:  "After everything I've done, you still think I'll be able to find my humanity again."
Elena:  "Yes, I do.  I know who you really are.  Better than anyone, Stefan.  And I'm not giving up."
Stefan: "Elena, do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?"
Elena: "No, Stefan, it makes me strong."
ALL THE AWARDS!!!    Ooooh, FABULOUS.  She was strong enough to actually release the stakes.  AWESOME.  BRILLIANT.  MORE.  EN POINTE WRITING.


Can Anna stay?  Okay, so when I rewatched Season 1 my heart was all about Jeremy and I really fell for Anna, and Anna/Jeremy and can she stay?  I just... I don't really care about Bonnie/Jeremy like AT ALL.  Bonnie can go hang out with Matt.  ANNA/JEREMY OTP.

LOLOLOL the episode ends with Damon rolling up the persian rug.  Cleaning up after his little brother.  You just know he's cursing in his head.  I liked this rug.  I picked ~out~ this rug.  This was ~my~ rug.  Does no one care how hard I work to make this house a home? BWAHAHAHA AND THEN THE VASE.  DAMON IS PISSED.  HOW DARE YOU, STEFAN?  HOW DARE YOU?!

WHOA.  So... all the ghosts are coming back?  JENNA.  OH GAH.  What is going on with the ghosts of Christmas past?  Iiiiintriguing!

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