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TVD Rewatch: Through "Bloodlines"

Okay, in Bloodlines when Stefan's explaining to Elena how he saved her life on the day her parents died, when he researched her birth record, he says he couldn't find the connection to Katherine because it would be too risky looking into the Pierce family records.  Why?  Was he worried about the Council discovering he was looking into Katherine, a vampire they'd "killed"?  That's the only wank that makes sense to me.  Or maybe the show deals with this and I just didn't remember?  

Mostly, this episode drove home to me how fucked up Stefan and Elena's dependency  on Damon is.  Damon killing Bree (BRUTALLY, I shouted "oh fuck you, Damon!" at my TV), who was grieving for her friend Lexi, just pissed me off so much.  Just, fuck this in-story apologism and complicity.  Oddly, Damon's getting away with it doesn't bother me so much.  What bothers me is the supposedly ~good~ characters all becoming buddy-buddy with him yet still acting like they're good.  Stefan, Elena, even Alaric's epic bromance-to-come with Damon.

Which actually makes me happy that Alaric said "fuck this" and went to join the town council.  He's getting back to his roots after being lost for a long time.  Back to protecting and advocating for people, like how he protected Jeremy and Tyler from Mayor Lockwood's wrath, or Jenna from her vampire-ex, Logan.  

I love how Pocochina describes this show as a psychodrama because it really crystallizes what's going down.  Like how when Caroline gets kidnapped by Logan, Stefan and Damon team up to take him down, then after Stefan takes Caroline home, all that Elena can focus on is not losing Stefan.  Just, how about you go check on your friend who was nearly KILLED, Elena?  She's lying unconscious in her bedroom after some serious trauma.  It'd be a good time to check on her.  But nope.  Elena's gotta make sure Stefan stays with her, 'cause he's the only person who makes her happy, or rather the only person that somehow helps her escape misery (by avoiding her life).

And oh yeah, so Stefan ~saved Elena from drowning with her parents.  I wonder if she died briefly, if that's part of the miracle.  Because Elena's been walking the ~other side ever since.  Stefan stalking her, haunting her, trying to make sure she's ~not Katherine.  And by doing so, just helping her become more and more like Katherine, the lightning rod, the doppelganger, the girl both Stefan and Damon love/are obsessed with.  Which brings about this tension of Elena escaping on road trip hijinks with Damon, indirectly helping Damon on his mission to open the tomb.  How much grief would Elena have actually spared people if she'd not fought to save Damon's life?  

Meanwhile the witch of the past, Emily, tried to keep the vampires sleeping so she could protect her family.  And the cycle of life and death keeps getting more and more twisted.  It seems to me that the vampires are winning, aren't they?  In the fight between vampires, witches, and werewolves, the vampires win the day.  Obviously, it's Stefan's story -- "this is my story" -- so it's not unexpected.  I'm just hoping the witches storyline makes a stronger comeback.  It feels like they're all being consumed by the vampires -- even the hybrid symbolizes this.  And the witches always seem to try to hold the vampires ~back, but never quite manage to succeed.

I mean, I love vampires, they're my favorite supernatural being, but even as I'm loving them, I can't help but feel a strong urge to see the witches FUCK THEM UP.  And I'm feeling a much stronger sympathy for the werewolves (to come in my rewatch) where as before I was mostly ~bored by them.  You know how Spike gets hit and abused and beaten a lot in BtVS?  Well, I'm feeling this dark relish at the idea of all the times Stefan and Damon are going to get the shit beaten out of them in future.  

YOU GUYS SUCK.  LITERALLY.  Ugh, Stefan's helping Bonnie in Bloodlines felt so much to me like he could only see her because Elena wasn't around and that he'd mostly approached her because he wanted to use her for her magic in order to find Elena.  Anyone who isn't Elena is expendable.  KNOW YOUR HIERARCHY.  
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