Emmie (angearia) wrote,

A few TVD thoughts

+ God, I love Alaric.  I want more of him.  With Damon and with Elena.  Okay, I was loving Elena/Alaric brotp wilderness times so much that I kinda started shipping it...?  And then Damon showed up and it got all emotionally twisty in another direction.  BUT.  Alaric moved back in.  YAY. Elena loves collecting her lost souls.  

+  You know what?  All these Klaus problems would be more easily solved if Team Elena broke into an army base, stole a rocket launcher, and blew his ass back to the dark ages.  Just, come on.  YOU NEED A BIGGER BOAT, GUYS.

+  Oh, Caroline.  DADDY?  /dies  Wow.  First her mom and now her dad.  Oh Caroline, bb, let me hold you.  And the only one who really cares is Tyler.  

+  I miss Katherine.  Show, where is she?  

+  I miss Bonnie.  Show, where is she?

+  I miss Andie.  Show, where is she?  OH RIGHT.  I REMEMBER NOW. :-/

Tags: the vampire diaries

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