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~TGIF Game Night~

Oh look, it's Friday night and I'm home chilling on the internet.  And clearly if you're reading this post, then you too are at home, so no judging.  See, judgment free zone.  Cool?  COOL.

Now that we've acknowledged that we're addicted to the internet, let's deal with the fact that we are very, very bored.  What's to be done about this?  I say, hootenanny!

So who wants to play a game?  You do?  Exxxxcellent.  

Here's a few games we could play in comments:

+ Truth or Dare
+ Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
+ Anywhere But Here
+ Top Fives
+ I Challenge Thee To a Gif-duel *slaps with gif gauntlet*
+ Tag Team Fanfic'ery (you write a line, someone else writes the next, it's like Round Robin, only a line at a time)
+ Fictional Character Art Appreciation (i.e. post a song/painting/piece of art and explain why this fictional character loves it)

Make sense?  If you have any more game ideas, have at it and start your own groove thing. Okay, time to ~SPAM~ this post like there ain't no tomorrow, go go go!


*Warning: this isn't a dial-up friendly post. LOTS OF GIFS, Y'ALL.
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