Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Drabble: Office Politics

This is for mabus101  who wanted Harmony/Fred AtS Season 5.  Rated R for Language and Femslash.  Hope you like it!  Set during Harm's Way.

Tamika grinned as she checked Harmony’s front door.  Unlocked.  Idiot.  Framing the blonde ditz for murder was going to be cake.    


Tiptoeing inside, her vampiric hearing picked up a single heartbeat alongside two sets of gentle snoring.  She glared at the blonde hair splayed across the far right pillow and falling into soft brown curls.  Long brown curls.  Huh.


Inching back the covers, Tamika nearly fell back on her ass.


Ms. Burkle!  


Switching to gameface, she did a doubletake. 


Ms. Burkle.  Naked.  In bed. With Harmony.

What the fuck.


…she knew that bitch was sleeping her way to the top.

Tags: angel, drabble, meme

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