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FIC: Genesis

Fandom:  Dollhouse
Characters:  Adelle DeWitt & Topher Brink
Word Count:  ~250
Warning:  Sacrilegious, I suppose.
Author's Note:  Written for ~The Fandom Love (mini)Fic-A-Thon~.

"If you're harboring any notions of entitlement or privilege, allow me to disabuse you of them now." Adelle crossed her legs with a leisurely menace, swinging her stilleto heel from side to side. "You, Topher, are so close to the Attic you're already breathing dust motes."

"Hey hey, I'll admit things got a bit biblical up in here, and my Moses decided to skip a few chapters and jump right to the parting of the Red Sea--"

"He drained the pool and then built a bonfire in the middle of the art activities center."

"His very own burning bush. Gotta love the irony."

"Do I?"

"Wait, is that irony?"

Adelle glared.

"Heh heh, well... at least everyone played to character, even if they acted out of chronology. Noah finished building his ark--"

"He uprooted all the ficuses and destroyed the feng shui decor."

"--just as the emergency sprinklers went off to put out Moses' burning bush."

Adelle DeWitt lifted her left eyebrow to a cutting angle.

"Bonfire," Topher amended. "All's well that ends wet, right? And bright side: Adam and Eve only swiped all the apples from the kitchen.  It wasn't all aaaaaah crazy!"

"Fix it."

"I'm on it, boss. Uh, is now a bad time to ask if you approved my observational study of the New Testament imprints? Because I think we can all agree that watching Victor try to walk on water is more than worth the risk of potential property damage."
Tags: adelle dewitt pwns you, dollhouse, fic, topher brink
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