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I have things to share!  

+ First, I started a community on tumblr devoted to keeping tabs on Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show, Ringer, airing this fall, so check out fuckyeahcwringer for videos, gifs, and pretty fan art!  The most recent extended promo was especially excellent (though the last ten seconds are uber spoilery, so I'd avoid that bit if you can).  My SMG obsession is rekindling to the point that I'm even making Ringer fan art already.  (Why, yes, I'm trying to learn how to photoshop!  This one is my favorite thus far.)

+ After the Buffy Forums negativity fiasco this past month, I've been soured on forum discussion (I think I might take a break from BF?).  Of course, trust the SlayAlive community to reel me back in with these incredible custom figures of Buffy in Long Way Home and Buffy & Spike from Last Gleaming, Part II.  Season 8 fun times!  Some of the nicest people I know hang out on SlayAlive and frankly, it's just fun.  That's what SlayAlive is all about to me, and I'm so happy to be reminded of that.  My fandom spirit animal is fun and SlayAlive is the ~source~ for me.

+ Finally, I wrote (short!) flashfic for The Borgias.  It's Cesare/Lucrezia, so beware for here be ~incestuous~ dragons. ;)  Ohhh wait, you're not watching The Borgias [imdb]?  Madness!  Watch this show and then come flail with me.  It will be glorious, unadulterated flail.  The first season just finished so you'll have nine episodes of perfection with Jeremy Irons as the Borgia Pope, Francois Arnaud as Cesare Borgia (his face, omg, his face), and Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia Borgia (her face, omg, her face).  The acting is perfection, the writing is perfection (Neil Jordan FTW), the show is just gorgeous on a level I've yet to experience, and it inspires so many ~feelings~.  This show has quality falling out of its bottom, okay?  Watch it and thank me later. 

Hope you enjoy the links!  

Tags: cesare/lucrezia, photoshop adventures, rec, ringer, sarah michelle gellar, slayalive, slayalive feels like coming home, the borgias, tumblr is addictive

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