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I'm looking for critical reviews of "The Hunger Games" trilogy. Anyone run across that sort?

I just finished the first book this past week which I overall enjoyed A LOT except for a bit of plotty sci-fi-ness (I'll probably do a post once I've finished the series), but needless to say it was an extreme WTF moment for me which tossed me out of the story. I guess I used up all my patience for WTFery on Season 8, so if any story I don't already have a longstanding history of loving for over a decade pulls that crap, I'm less likely to get back on the horse. I zoomed through the book, completely enthralled for the most part, then that one scene bugged me to no end, and I started the second book and was still underwhelmed. Meh.  

Oddly, I only remember overwhelmingly positive reviews for the books from my flist in that vague way where I tried to get a sense for the reception of the books without reading the details and spoiling myself. Maybe it's just me?
Tags: the hunger games
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