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1.06 The Borgias: The Narcissus Kiss

Paolo: It is impossible.
Lucrezia: To fall in love with a reflection?
Paolo: To kiss it.

Lucrezia will kiss the reflection; she will love what Paolo reflects for he is dark and handsome, her ardent protector who would commit murder to keep her safe from her abusive husband. He is the reflection of Cesare, and she will kiss Cesare’s image in one Paolo -- and in loving her Borgia blood (no matter how her husband scorns her heritage), she loves her own beautiful reflection.

Then there is Cesare, who failed to protect his beloved sister from her beast of a husband (even though he promised to brutalize whoever dared to hurt her). He cannot kill the political ally his father has chosen.  And so he redirects his love to Ursula, the woman he meets at Lucrezia's wedding, and he finds a target for his impotent rage in Ursula's husband.  Would he feel such rage to kill a man he had just met? For a woman he barely knew? His first bloody kill. Isn't it timely that he chose another fair blond lady with a beast of a husband whom he may love and lust for in equal measure? As Lucrezia is married away, Cesare finds a lover to reflect her, a woman whose husband he may murder and whose bed he may warm. "There is but one ornament I need here" -- his new mistress as the reflection of Lucrezia.

Reflections of the Borgias all around, they love themselves the most. Paolo is not Narcissus, he has never read those stories nor become enchanted by the idea of them, but the Borgias have been schooled well in self-interest and self-love. Lucrezia, Cesare, Rodrigo, Juan, even poor Joffrey -- "What has this papacy done to you?"

It has made them all Narcissus. Borgia is the name they hold dearest. They are already in love with themselves -- but are they lost in the beauty of their own reflection?
Lucrezia: She is too beautiful. I hate her.
Cesare: If you hate beauty, dear sis, you must hate yourself.
Lucrezia: All right, I will love her then, but deep down somewhere I still hate her.
Cesare: One can hate and love I have found.

The Borgias, loving themselves always, oh but deep down...
Tags: flail flail flail, lucrezia/cesare, meta, the borgias

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