Emmie (angearia) wrote,

The Chicago Code

I've been watching Tim Minear's new show The Chicago Code (created by Shawn Ryan who also created The Shield).  I like it. It reminds me a bit of The Wire (I'm not saying it's exactly like it or that it's as good, but...) in that you really get a sense for the city through how the show is shot.

Seven episodes out so far. This moment made me laugh.  If you don't mind reading spoilers, I'll set up the general situation...


The detectives have an international drug kingpin in custody, thinking they caught a break, only to find out he was in Chicago because his seven-year-old son's been kidnapped and he's trying to pay the ransom in person.  The cops arrange the meeting with the kidnappers, planning to have the drug kingpin hand over the ransom, then they arrest the rival gang and turn 'em so they can get witnesses to testify against the drug kingpin (who's gonna walk unless they can build a case against him).  The meet goes cockeyed.
Wysocki:  Okay, so we don't have the boy, we don't have a case, apart from that we're pretty much right on track.
Evers:  We did manage to get a drug kingpin shot so it's not a total loss.
Tags: the chicago code, tv

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