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FIC: By Any Other Name

Title:  By Any Other Name
Summary:  Buffy and Spike aren't your traditional couple.
Timeline: in a distant and happy future 
Word Count:  100
A/N:  This started out as comment!fic over at blackfrancine's journal.  It's basically a fic realization of how I believe the usual labels don't fit their nontraditional relationship.  

"This the part where I pledge my undying devotion?"

"Don't be creepy."

"Want me to get down on bended knee?"

"That'd just be weird. Besides, if anybody's proposing, it's gonna be me."

"That right? Planning on buying me a trinket and making an honest man of me?"

"Okay, now I'm imagining it, me asking, you saying yes, the dress, the whole shebang..."

"Doesn't really fit, does it?"

"Not so much."

"Never was one for old-fashioned rituals. Too poncy."

"Me, neither."

"Let's just--"

"--do it our way?"


"So we'll be...?"


"Life partners.  Okay, now we sound gay."

"Whatever works."
Tags: fic, spuffy

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