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I love Buffy <3

One of my favorite vidders of all-time, nvrbnkisst, has done it again. She punched me in the heart.


Can I flail about the song choice for a minute here?  YES I CAN.  And the way this vid is filled with so much emotion, so much pain, and so much love.  Can you feel the love, how it was made with love?  Gah.  I LOVE YOU ANNE.  THANK YOU.

There's this tumblr meme going around LJ where you ask your flist to tell you "What is my Spirit Animal?" and after I got over wondering what the fuck is a spirit animal--well, I debated doing the meme, then I watched this vid and decided there was no need.  'Cause Buffy Summers is my spirit animal.  Obvious choice is obvious, but I cannot begin to express what it means to me to see a character I love struggling with depression and fighting back. It is a neverending source of inspiration.


(and okay this vid hits me right where I live so I'm feelin' a bit ranty...)

And to anyone who judges me because they think Buffy is an awful person (even if only for an instant like "you chose her, seriously?"), I say WHATEVER and PLEASE GO AWAY. Defensive much? You betcha.  I've reached this defensive judgmental phase where I give Judgy McJudgersons who be judgin' Buffy (in Season 6 especially) the sideeye of doom.  You  know how it seems like the world is tired of people suffering from depression?  Well, I'm tired of people in the world not getting it (which in itself is upsetting but not horrible) and then going on to make judgments based on their ignorance (this is where it gets awful).  Tired of it.  So tired of it.  I'm tired of reading apologist statements about how people "get" depression, they really really do 'cause they said they "get" it and if you say it clearly that means you're a card-carrying "get"er, then they go on to demonstrate how much they don't "get" it.  So anytime people want to stop waving their healthy privilege in my face and then slapping me with judgment, that'd be SUPER FUN.

I think the world needs a Compassion Transplant.  
Tags: depression, depression filter, my love is for buffy always and forever, nvrbnkisst punched me in the heart again, vid rec
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