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Hi, you guys!

So here's the (recent) story of my life:

+ Enrolled in classes at my university.  WOOT!  I'm also taking one online course and I was thinking about doing posts about my assignments, discussion, what-have-you.  It'd basically be me talking about school like a ginormous nerd.  And this sounds like FUN TO ME.  Is anyone interested?  I'm thinking about maybe starting a School Filter.  

+  Watched the most recent episodes of The Closer and was so charmed that I decided to go BACK TO THE BEGINNING.  And huh, Brenda Leigh Johnson's accent is kinda less thick when the show first started.  But still, LOVE IT.

+  Pondering an essay comparing Buffy Summers to Scarlett O'Hara.  Then I think, "Do I really wanna open up that can of worms?"  Because people really HATE on Scarlett O'Hara (which I get to a degree, but DAMN Y'ALL) and I don't want to give people yet another reason to revile my girl, Buffy.

+ Pondering an essay on what BtVS Season 6 and Buffy mean to me (aka me talking about depression and fiction).

+ Pondering an essay about how we interact with stories (which I kinda sorta posted on BF already, but I'm thinking about fleshing it out).

+  I've thought up a Cordy/Angel fic I think I might write.  It would deal with Cordy as a higher being/god post-You're Welcome (a concept that always kinda bothered me because I don't like the idea of becoming a higher being as like a reward or whatnot.  But my brain figured out a way to do it).  Basically, ANGST.  

(HAHA OH SELF.  I swear, most of my day has been about getting school stuff done.  It's just that my mind wanders, okay?  And it's trained (like a monkey!) to wander to the topic of BtVS.  (And somehow Cordy/Angel which is a bit rare in itself.)  See, I spent all this time in the car driving to university and back again, and driving while listening to music is like fic!brain mode.  A switch gets flipped and I start imagining stories.  Which... might be dangerous.  'Cause my mind wandering while driving... uhhhh...)

+ I can't believe Season 8 is gonna be over in less than two weeks.  Wow.  And the final installment of a book series I've been following is finishing up (Finally, Karen Marie Moning, finally!).  

Okay, now I'm tired (I've been up since 4am just 'cause I'm whacko like that).  And I feel like this post really had no sense of order here.  

What is the theme?  

Tags: fandom, personal post, random stuff about me, schoolin' like a boss
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