Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Buffyverse Top 5

 snickficlusciousxander and yourlibrarian have been real champs at posting recs so far over at buffyversetop5, but I'm hoping there'll be more so this is me encouraging my flist to rec more stuff.  I'd really love to see more recs for icons, vids and other fanart.  Also, I think there's dire need for some AtS recs.

I've got a wide assortment of lists I'm putting together, but I'd really love to be introduced to some new awesome stuff I've never seen before. So come on, people!  Share your fandom knowledge!  

Get some lists going, 'kay?  Even if it's just one teensy, tiny, itty bitty list.  You can do it, y'all.

Tags: pimp

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