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Fandom Mad Libs!

So I had this crazy idea to try and write a fandom mad lib (and maybe other people will do it as a meme and then I'll get to play!).  Anyone want to jump on this ride? 

If yes, then first, YOU ARE AWESOME and second, fill out this form in comments:

1. Character's name
2. Character's name
3. Verb, action
4. Place, location
5. Character's name
6. Adjective
7. Character's name
8. Possessive pronoun
9. Verb, action
10. Character's name
11. Verb, action
12. noun
13. Character's name
14. Verb
15. Plural noun
16. Verb
17. repeat 15
18. Character's name
19. Character's name
20. noun
21. Character's name
22. noun (event)
23. noun
24. Character's name
25. verb
26. noun
27. Character's name
28. Character's name
29. verb
30. preposition
31. noun

This isn't Buffyverse fandom specific, so don't let that limit you (or do!  Your choice!).  Also, the more crazy you get with it the better.  If for a noun you say "the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior", I will accept that.  Heh.  I will accept "Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior."

Okay?  Okay!  Go!
Tags: fandom madlibs, fun fun fun, games, meme
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