January 3rd, 2013

kpop - miryo

fic: a woman scorned, you've been warned

[title]  A Woman Scorned, You've Been Warned
[summary]  All bow before her and they call her Miryo the Revenger.
[fandom]  Kpop
[character]  Miryo from the Kpop band Brown Eyed Girls
[word count]  ~700
[rating/warnings]  PG-13 for adult concepts, blood, abuse

[a/n]  After seeing this gifset of Miryo's "Revenger" live performance, I was inspired (OBSESSED) and felt the need to write a sort of myth origin story for Miryo as a goddess.  Considering I'd never even heard of Miryo before today, please pardon my limited knowledge.  This is basically me being inspired by a gifset and a music video and song lyrics, but most of all MIRYO. <3  (Also, this is all LAUREN'S FAULT and I must vigorously blame her because I have now written kpop fanfic and somehow found myself caught up in kpop on the eve of her birthday so I have to assume she MADE it so.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN, I LOVE YOU.)

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