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Emmie [userpic]


July 1st, 2011 (12:24 am)


As always, fic'ing for fun. Go write prompts or fill prompts with short one-sentence/mini fic!

I've even written a few: Parks & Rec (Leslie/Ben), The Good Wife (Kalinda & Alicia), BtVS (Buffy & Willow),  BtVS/AtS (Dawn/Connor), and Dollhouse (Adelle DeWitt & Topher Brink).

Wow, I'm a mini!fic writing machine!

Emmie [userpic]

FIC: Genesis

July 1st, 2011 (05:28 am)

current mood: accomplished

Fandom:  Dollhouse
Characters:  Adelle DeWitt & Topher Brink
Word Count:  ~250
Warning:  Sacrilegious, I suppose.
Author's Note:  Written for ~The Fandom Love (mini)Fic-A-Thon~.

FIC: GenesisCollapse )

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