February 14th, 2011

Buffy (Sad) Live For Me

I love Buffy <3

One of my favorite vidders of all-time, nvrbnkisst, has done it again. She punched me in the heart.


Can I flail about the song choice for a minute here?  YES I CAN.  And the way this vid is filled with so much emotion, so much pain, and so much love.  Can you feel the love, how it was made with love?  Gah.  I LOVE YOU ANNE.  THANK YOU.

There's this tumblr meme going around LJ where you ask your flist to tell you "What is my Spirit Animal?" and after I got over wondering what the fuck is a spirit animal--well, I debated doing the meme, then I watched this vid and decided there was no need.  'Cause Buffy Summers is my spirit animal.  Obvious choice is obvious, but I cannot begin to express what it means to me to see a character I love struggling with depression and fighting back. It is a neverending source of inspiration.


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