November 17th, 2010

Scoobies Together

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I feel like the LJ corner of Buffyverse fandom (which has basically become my fandom home) has become bogged down in a negative cycle.  I know a lot of people attribute this to the comics.  A part of me wonders if it's not simply what happens when you reopen Joss canon (and really not looking to argue canon here--it's simply true that Joss is writing comics and people care even when they wish they didn't).

However it happened, the negative is here and it's dragging us down.  Time to shake it off, y'all.  Everybody walk it off.  Come on.  We can do it.  I've been feeling it, too.  I wanted to find the love again for this 'verse and I did.  

I'm here for the love and this is how I get to my fandom happy place:

+ Rewatch Episodes

+ Read and Write Fanfic  (also beta fanfic for friends!)

+ Watch Fanvids (beta fanvids too!)

+ Make/Snag Fanmixes

+ Make/Snag Picspams, Icons, Gifs and other Fanart

+ Read and Write Meta

+ Participate in or Host Episode Discussions/Quizzes

Thanks, everyone, for being fabulously entertaining.  So much so that time flies because I'm having so much fun.  


Please join in and post something you love in comments: a Buffyverse quote, an icon, a fanvid, a gif, or even link to fic, meta, picspams, etc.  Share why it's your favorite.  Spam the comments with love like it's going out of style.

What do I love?  SEASON 2.  And guess what?  It's on Hulu.  YES.  Becuase it's so much easier to watch it online than it is to put in your DVDs.  One of my favorite eps?  "Innocence".  No doubt.  And hey, what a perfect time for you to rewatch Season 2 and then bounce over to check out Maggie, Max and Strudel's Episode Notes.  ;-)

Please Note: This is a fandom love post. Haters to the ~left~ and then keep on going till you fall off the side of the computer screen. Got it? GOOD.  Do the Dance of Joy, Numfar!