October 28th, 2010

Buffy and Faith Making the Bed

a few things

+ My BtVS fandom funk continues.  The only thing I've really felt invested in are 2maggie2's BtVS episode notes (co-written with local_max and Strudel).  It's a bit odd to not being doing much--if I'm not writing fic and meta, I'm usually engaging in forum debates or reading fic.  Not so much right now.  Fandom ennui, perhaps.  Not that I'll be disappearing anytime soon.  I'm just feeling a bit passive at the moment (though making icons and screencap macros was a nice change of pace).  

+ As for non-Whedonverse fun, I rewatched the end of Doctor Who series 5 yesterday and combed through a ton of meta and  vids (thanks to elisi's recommendations!), all of which were wonderful and thought provoking.  Is it time for the Christmas special yet?  I'm tempted to try watching series 1-4 again, but honestly, I just want Eleven and Amy and Rory and River.  

+ Any BBC Sherlock fans who might enjoy a bit of Sherlock/John slash should go read wordstringsSherlock fic.  Honestly, even if you don't typically see Sherlock and Watson this way, I'd recommend it.  Wonderful stories, amazing characterization, and incredibly well-written.  This writer is confident and skilled.  The story draws you in.  I find myself savoring every word and I'm a notorious skimmer (oh look, there's long passages about grass... SKIMS).  

+ Speaking of great fic, my fellow Sarah Connor Chronicles fans should hie thee to anythingbutgrey's journal and read her post-Born to Run story Looking for a Ghost.  The first chapter's been posted and more to come soon.  This is the fic I'VE been craving ever since the show's end.  Only one chapter and I already think it's simply incredible so that should tell you something.

Anyone have any good fic, vids or meta they want to share?  Any and all fandoms are welcome.  Honestly, I'd kinda prefer recommendations for works outside the Buffyverse as I think I've OD'd on that a bit.