October 17th, 2010

Giles Handsome


 Thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever nominated my Faith/Giles fic Reckless!

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 ~ Best Angst, Best Characterization (Faith), Best Unconventional Pairing (Faith/Giles) ~
Sunnydale Memorial Awards - Round 22

In other writing news, I knocked out my outline for my seasonal_spuffy story and whoa, this is gonna be dark and angsty.  I'm ~excited~ though 'cause it's very different from any story I've ever written before.  I think it's going to require a Mature rating for content.  I hope people will still be up for the dark Spuffy (with some Buffy/Angel and Spike/Dru in the mix because the story will be set in Season 2--also, Buffy/Dru because... yeah.  Hello, polyamorous shipping).