October 12th, 2010

Buffy Tired/Weary

Season 7: The Breakdown of Buffy Summers

Welcome to Buffy’s headspace (as I understand it). My name is Emmie and I’ll be your tour guide. I was inspired to write this meta when I noticed how many episodes in Season 7 end with Buffy standing alone and looking miserable. So this started out as a picspam ode to Buffy’s face (SMG gives good face!) and then grew into a 7000 word meta on Buffy’s character arc in Season 7. (Inorite?) So for anyone who says they don’t understand Buffy during this season, this just may be the meta for you!

Spike/Buffy Fan Disclaimer: My meta here is Buffy-centric, so while I discuss Spike’s relationship with Buffy, it’s in terms of how it relates to Buffy’s character arc and what he symbolizes. I don’t drift into tangents (much) about how much I believe Buffy cares for Spike, how she’s proud of Spike or even shows love for Spike (okay, I do a bit). The specific emotions Spike inspires in Buffy are referenced only when they relate to how they motivate her character’s struggle.

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