October 9th, 2010

Attention Ho


Oh flist of mine, I'm hoping to enlist your help in pimpin' The Bechdel Test Fic-A-Thon.

 I think a large segment of Buffyverse fandom has heard the news thanks to Petzi and the Herald (and I'm planning on posting at whedonverse_nb), but I'm hoping to spread the word across as many fandoms possible.  

What communities would be good avenues for pimpin'?  I want to encourage interest pan fandom.  Please post comments with suggestions!

Other ways you can help (if you feel so inspired!):

+ post a PIMP banner in your journal (banners here, instructions here)
+ leave PROMPTs 
+ WRITE stories  
+ read and REVIEW stories (fiction masterlist here)

Remember this is flashfic--it's very low pressure and it's a great opportunity to experiment with writing.  I know some people who started writing for the first time and others who try writing for new fandoms.  Basically, everyone come out and play!