September 11th, 2010

Season 8 - Spuffy

FIC: Sincerity

Title: Sincerity
Summary: When the weirdness fades away, all that's left is what's real.
Timeline: Season 8 comics, set immediately post-Last Gleaming Part One |#36
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1700
Author’s Note:   Some Spuffy fans were disappointed with the small snippet of a reunion we got in #36, but I believe there's still hope since Spike's going to be attached to Buffy's hip for the remaining issues (sweet, hopeful Emmie, right?).  Georges Jeanty at Dragon*Con let slip (probably as a joke, but how can I resist?): "Buffy walks in and sees Spike lying on his bed with his shirt off."  My overactive imagination ran away with me and I wrote this.

Thanks to penny_lane_42 and ladyofthelog for helping to make this story shine. Your help was invaluable as always. ♥

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Scoobies Together



Today is a day of memory.  A day to reflect upon a national tragedy.  To remember where you were when you first heard the news and the turmoil that followed.

It's also my cousin's birthday today.  For me, it's also a day to celebrate life.  I won't forget the past, the pain, but I want to have hope for our present and our future.