September 3rd, 2010

Buffy - red and terrible and red

I'm tired now

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Again, ladyofthelog  has some wonderful insights on the Riley one-shot and Last Gleaming

me_llamo_nic caught some great foreshadowing in a reread of Always Darkest

2maggie2 's essay provides a comprehensive theory for Buffy's emotional arc for Season 8--the Big Picture.

local_max's very thorough and insightful review of Last Gleaming Part I

and finally slaymesoftly's reaction to #36

Y'all are my meta writing heroes.  Seriously.  *falls over*

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Season 8 - The Chain

More awesome theories by people who are not me

 First, Double Duchess over on the IDW boards has a great theory about Buffy's heart (hint hint, something's wrong with it).

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And striped_lily on Buffy Forums posted this brilliant piece of comparative art, showing the similarities between "The Long Way Home" season opener and the finale "Last Gleaming"--both written by Joss.

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The comparison that seals the deal for me is Buffy exclaiming, "How does this happen?  How do we turn into twelve-year-olds?  Every time we talk?"  and how it's offset with the way Buffy and Angel have been behaving in Last Gleaming.  Also remember in "Chosen" when Angel is acting jealous about Spike and Buffy says (in a very annoyed voice), "Oh my god, are you twelve?"

I also love the two silhouettes of Buffy living in her fairytale castle and Angel overlooking his domain in Hollywood--both locales are places of fantasy yet again.